How to manage buys and how to text customers that their buy is ready.

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ResaleAI helps you manage buys through the Buys screen accessible from the Day Book.  The ResaleAI Buys screen has 3 tabs: Open, Completed, and Closed.  At the bottom of the page there is a notification of the last time DRS updated Buys - an easy way to know if the communication between ResaleAI and DRS is working.  

Here is the ResaleAI suggested Buy process:

1.  Open the buy in DRS as soon as the customer signs in.  The buy will automatically show up in the ResaleAI Open Buys tab.  At the same time, the Buy Wait Timer will start.


2.  When a Buyer begins to sort the buy, they click the button under the Sorter column and select themselves from the dropdown menu.  The Sorter column helps staff coordinate their efforts when multiple Buyers are working through buys.

3.  When the Buyer finishes sorting and entering the buy they click the Complete button.  That stops the Buy Wait Timer (keep that number low!) and opens a texting window.  The Buyer will click the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window, which allows them to choose the appropriate pre-written text message to notify the customer that the buy is complete.


4.  The buy automatically moves to the Completed tab and stays there until the buy is closed.  The Completed tab keeps track of the buys that have not been cashed out.  If the customer hasn't come in or responded in a reasonable time, the Buyer clicks Remind button.  This opens a texting window where the Buyer can choose a pre-written reminder text message.

4a.  If the customer replies to the text, a small number will appear next Texting icon on the Day Book and a notification tone will sound.  The Buyer clicks the icon to open the Texting screen and finds the customer's name at the top of the page with a blue background.  The Buyer clicks the name to open a texting window for that customer.  The Buyer can choose another pre-written text or type in their own reply. 


5.  When the buy is closed in DRS, it automatically moves to the Closed tab.  The Closed tab is there for reference on past buys.  You can click the customer's name on any buy in any of the tabs, and you will see that customer's history including the text conversations the store has had with that customer.

The BUYS screen has a support icon at the bottom of the screen - just as all ResaleAI screens do - in case you have questions or problems.