How do I select a sorter?

On ResaleAI Buys screen you can select when a buy is being sorted by an employee. This can help you differentiate between a buy that is just checked in and waiting to be sorted, and a buy that is actively being sorted by an employee in the store. Some of the benefits of this are that you can check ResaleAI at any time on your phone or your laptop, even when you're not in the store, and you can make sure that your team is actively managing buys. If they are actively sorting buys this means that they are keeping  buy waits down and keeping trade percentage up.

The sorter drop down menu is generated from the current WhenIWork schedule. It will only display names to choose from of the employees that are scheduled to work in the store that day.


This is what it looks like from the POS, 

Buy ready to be sorted: 


Select a sorter for the buy: 


Sorter Selected: 



Sign to Sell allows the customer to also keep track of their buy’s process on their smartphone. When the employee selects that they’re sorting the customer’s buy the buy moves from “Queued” to “Sorting” on the customer’s phone. If a customer knows that their buy is being looked through right now they are more likely to stay in store, and ultimately shop around. 


This is what it looks like from the customer's phone: 



If you have any further questions feel free to reach out over chat, we're happy to help! :)