How do I order a POS scanner?

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About the scanner

To scan a driver’s license you will need a 2D scanner, which can scan more complex barcodes like a QR code.

Most stores do not already have 2D scanners, so you would need to purchase one. If you already have some, you should be able to use what you have. Any 2D POS scanner should work. 

If you are buying one, we recommend the Zebra DS2278 model, which is wireless.

This can replace your existing scanner at the POS computer. You can use it to scan regular tags, backstock bin labels, or driver’s licenses when checking in buys.




Ordering a scanner

You can order a scanner directly from Amazon using the links below:

(they're not affiliate links, we just think they're reliable scanners)


Zebra DS2278 (wireless)

Zebra DS2208 (corded)

Zebra DS4308 (wireless)


Note - Recently we noticed longer shipping times and/or price increases for the scanner we have generally recommended (DS2278), likely due to supply chain issues. We have added a few other Zebra 2D scanners as options below, which could be good alternatives.


After you receive the scanner, you can follow the instructions here to set it up whenever is convenient for you.