How to Integrate When I Work with ResaleAI

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When When I Work is integrated with ResaleAI:

  • Your ResaleAI Employee List will be automatically updated from your employee records in When I Work.
  • Employees can clock in and out directly from the ResaleAI Day Book screen.
  • The Employee Schedule will be displayed on the Day Book screen with Shift Colors and Shift Notes from When I Work.
  • ResaleAI and When I Work can share info:
    • ResaleAI can provide Sales Goals to When I Work for budgeting and scheduling.
    • When I Work can provide daily wages and hours with ResaleAI. ResaleAI uses that information to calculate Sales-per-Labor-Hour and Labor-as-a-Percentage-of-Sales for the RAI Summary Report.

What versions of When I Work are supported?

  • Any paid versions of When I Work are supported.
  • The free version of When I Work is not supported.

To set up the When I Work integration:

1) Connect your When I Work account to ResaleAI

  • Sign in to ResaleAI at with a manager/owner username or password
  • Click the top-right menu and click ALL Settings
  • image.png
  • Click on Automations then you will see the When I Work logo
  • Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.25.56 PM.png
  • Click "Connect" and a new window should open asking for your When I Work credentials.
  • Enter your When I Work username and password to link your account.

2) Map the right schedule to the correct store

  • Go back to ResaleAI's Settings once When I Work is connected, and Click Manage on the When I work box where it use to say Connect
  • Click on your correct When I work account in the drop down menu
  • Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 11.45.12 AM.png
  • Hit save in the bottom right corner
  • You're done!
    Now watch your employees appear in the Team List, and watch your schedule appear in your ResaleAI Daybook!

Having trouble integrating When I Work? 

If you don't see your store's address in the dropdown, go to When I Work and add the address. Read the When I Work documentation on how to add an address.

If you continue to have issues, send us a live chat within the app and we can help!


Thanks for using ResaleAI!