How to set Sales Goals

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About goals

In ResaleAI, you can set goals for sales, average transaction, and trade percentage. Once you set up your desired goal percentage, ResaleAI can set sales goals for each day automatically based on your sales from the comparable day last year. Once goals are set, your team will see the goals on the main Daybook page in ResaleAI, so they can see in real-time if they are on track to hit their goals for the day.

Goals setup

1. Sign in at, and go to Settings in the top-right menu



2. Click "Goals" in the settings menu



3. On the Goals settings page, check that you see past sales numbers showing

  • Goals require at least one year of past sales history
  • If you see sales from last year shown on the goals page, continue to the next step
  • If you are a new store, without one year of sales, email for assistance. If you send us your business plan or rough monthly goals, we can set the daily goals for you.
  • If your store has been open for at least a year, but you see a blank page (like the image below), you will need to import your past history from DRS

Ex: Blank sales history


To import sales history (if needed):

        • Open a POS computer
        • Click the Windows Start button, and look for the ResaleAI folder in the list of all programs
        • Click ResaleAI, then click "Import Sales History"

      • When asked if you would like to import sales history, type "Y", then hit enter to run
      • Once the import has finished, refresh the goals settings page to ensure you see history


4. Click the "Magic goals" section on the right side of the screen, and input your desired goals


  • Target growth - Sets your sales goals for this year, using the desired trend over last year. For example, input 5 to set goals 5% up from the comparable day last year.
  • Trade percentage - Set a minimum trade percentage goal that your team will aim for
  • Minimum average daily sale goal - Set a minimum value for your average transaction, which your team will aim for
  • Minimum sales goal - If desired, set a minimum value for sales, so your goal will never be set below this amount. This can be helpful if you had particularly low sales in the previous year.


5. Click "Start the magic" to set goals

  • If you have set goals before, you will click "Save & Update" to save any changes. This will override all goals that have been set, starting today and going forward.
  • You should see goals update immediately, so you can review Screenshot_2021-01-06_at_1.00.26_PM.png


6. If desired, you can edit individual day's goals

  • Use the date picker in the top right to select any week
  • Click on any day's goal you'd like to edit, and type in a new value
  • Click "Save goals" to update before moving to another week