I just received my Flex. How do I set it up?

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Activating your device

 Getting started

  1. First, join your store’s WiFi network
  2. Next, sign in with a ResaleAI username and password (with manager access)

If you have trouble activating your device:

  • Pull down from the top and tap the settings menu. Be sure the device is connected to WiFi
  • Be sure you are signing in with an email address that has manager or owner access to ResaleAI
  • If issues continue, try resetting the device to factory settings (see these instructions)


Using your device 


  • For a Flex to connect to your POS computers, the newer beta version of ResaleAI needs to be currently running on at least one POS computer (it can be open in the background, but must be open).

  • The Flex only works with the beta version of ResaleAI. If you are not currently using the beta version, reach out to our team to get going before you order your Flex.

  • A Flex can only be registered to one store. If you have multiple stores, you would need a separate device for each store. 

Flex basics

  • Employees will sign in to a Flex device with their PIN code to sign in and get going.

  • The physical “back” button on the device will reload the page, if you need to refresh. The “back” button will also close the keyboard, if you need to exit after typing.

  • Be sure to plug in your Flex overnight to make sure it is fully charged each day!

  • We recommend keeping the Flex charger in a known location, and asking your team to plug it in to charge as a closing duty. 

POS printer selection

  • When you check in a buy from a Flex, the bag labels will print from an existing POS computer.

  • See this article for information on how to select a particular POS, or see which POS is currently connected

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