Using the CamRAI tool to upload items

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Getting Started with CamRAI

PLEASE NOTE: Before you begin, you need to import your DRS inventory, and connect your Shopify store in ResaleAI's settings.

If you haven't done that already, start with this article!


Scanning item tags

If you have trouble at any point, scroll down to the troubleshooting steps below

1. On your phone, go to

If you use an iPhone, please use Safari. 

The tool works in Safari and the standard Android internet browser, but may not work in the Google Chrome or Firefox apps.

2. Sign in with your ResaleAI username and password


3. Select the right store and click next


4. It should pop up asking to use your device's camera. Click 'Allow'

If you have any trouble with camera access, see this article


5. After clicking 'Allow', you'll see a barcode scanner appear on the screen. Use this to scan a DRS tag.



6. After an item is scanned, it should open a form with some options already be filled out. 


If needed, you can edit the title, add extra tags to the item, or make a note of the Location

For example, if you're storing this item in a backstock bin, you can note "Bin 01234" under Location. Later this will be visible within ResaleAI so you can quickly find the item after it sells.


5. Take a picture of the item, or upload a picture of the item from your camera roll

Tap the "ADD IMAGE" button and it should prompt you to take or choose a picture. 


6. When you're done, click the "SAVE AND NEXT" button at the top!

To check that items are uploaded in Shopify:

Sign in to your Shopify admin, and click the "Products" tab on the left menu. Look in "All products"

(You may have to click "Sort" on the right side and choose Updated Newest First)



Important note:

New product / Open tags

  • Currently, CamRAI can only scan USED product tags. It is not compatible with NEW product SKUs or OPEN tags. 

  • For now, you would need to add those items to Shopify manually.

Published Sales Channels

  • Right now, CamRAI can only publish items to your "Online Store" sales channel automatically.

  • If you are wanting to connect to Facebook Shop / Instagram sales channels, you will need to publish items to those sales channels within Shopify. (But it's easy to do this for many items at once! See more info here)


Other CamRAI features


  • If desired, you can enter the product's weight as you upload the item
  • Later, you can set up Shopify to use calculated shipping based on product weights (see here for info)
  • Be sure to select the correct measurement! (oz, lb, g, kg)
  • You can weigh items with a scale, or enter an estimate


  • Before you can publish items to a Facebook Shop (which is required for Instagram product tagging), items must have something in the "Description" field. For this reason, we will add a description to every item by default. You can change or add to the description before you save, if desired
  • We will populate the phrase "Gently used" as the default description for now

"Available on Shopify" checkbox

  • Items will be published on Shopify by default so they are immediately available for customers to shop
  • If you want to upload a set of products and not have them available right away, you can do so. This allows you to upload in advance, then release a batch of products at the desired time
  • De-select the "Available on Shopify" checkbox at the very bottom before you hit "Save and send." This will create the item in Shopify, but it will not be visible on your site. See here for info on how to publish when you're ready


  • You can make a note of the product's location as you upload the item (for example, a bin number where the item is stored)
  • When a customer makes a purchase, you can view the location in ResaleAI to find the product. There is not a location in Shopify, so this will only display in ResaleAI
  • Open the beta version of ResaleAI on a POS computer, or open to a browser on any device and go to
  • Look for the new "Inventory" page (menu icon highlighted below)

  • Search for the product SKI, or use the advanced search to find the right item



  • To check that items have uploaded in Shopify, click here
  • If you don't see items available in your storefront, click here