CamRAI + Shopify troubleshooting

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For issues uploading with CamRAI, start at the top.

For issues related to Shopify products, scroll to the bottom.

CamRAI Troubleshooting: 

1) Not prompted to allow camera


  • Check that you are not in private browsing mode.

  • Be sure you are using Safari for the browser, and not another app (like Google Chrome or Firefox apps)

  • Review your phone settings

    • On an iPhone, go to Settings
    • Scroll down or search to find "Safari"
    • Within Safari's settings, scroll down to find "Camera" (under Settings for Websites)
    • Make sure Camera access is set to "Ask" or "Allow"


  • Check that you are not in private browsing mode.

  • Try using Google Chrome for the browser, rather than the default browser

  • Review your phone's settings

    •  Open the Chrome app, and go to
    • To the right of the address bar, tap More Organize and then Settings.
    • Tap Site Settings
    • Tap Camera, then tap to turn the camera on

2) Asks to allow camera every time

  • This is usually related to iOS settings on iPhones
  • For any phone with iOS 13 or higher, you can adjust your settings so it will not continue to ask for permission
  • Click the "AA" on the top right of your screen near the URL
  • Click "Website Settings"


  • Tap "Camera" then choose "Allow" so CamRAI is added as a trusted site to access the camera

3) Issues scanning tags

NOTECurrently, CamRAI can only scan Used products.

It is not compatible with New product or Open tags. For now, you will need to create those items manually in Shopify.

Scanning tips

  • It helps to be in a well-lit area, so there is enough light on the tag. 
  • Hold the tag horizontally. Hold the tag flat, and make sure the plastic attacher isn't in the way. 
  • You may have to move the tag closer or farther away from your camera, or try adjusting the angle (for some phones, angling it slightly forward may help). 

Manual entry / other scanners

  • You can also type in the SKI manually, if the tag is damaged/unable to scan.
  • Swipe down with your finger (on some phones you may need to tap twice), and you should see a text box below that says "Trouble scanning?"
  • Enter the SKI and hit "Go"


  • If desired, you can go to on a computer, like a POS computer.
  • You can click in the "Search by SKI" box and scan a tag there. (However, if you don't have product pictures stored on that computer, you would need to send the item to Shopify without an image, and add the image in Shopify separately)

4) SKI not found error

  • If you see an error that the SKI was not found, most likely ResaleAI hasn't finished uploading all of your SKIs from DRS yet. 
  • This is when you ran the Inventory Import and saw the black box with a progress bar on the POS. Please wait until that process has finished and then try again. (If you have not yet imported your inventory, check out this article for the instructions!)
  • If that has completely finished running, and you continue to see the SKI not found error, please reach out to our team.
  • Note: If you have multiple stores, make sure you selected the right location after you signed in to CamRAI to scan a tag. It will not recognize the SKIs for a different store if you accidentally selected the wrong location, but you can go back and select the correct store.

5) Issues taking or adding pictures

  • We have heard reports of some issues taking a picture or selecting a picture from your camera roll
  • We are aware that sometimes the image does not save correctly after you select the image, or that it sometimes duplicates the image
  • We are currently working on this! We recently made an update that should help resolve the issue
  • If you continue to experience this frequently, let us know. It is helpful if you can tell us the type of phone you are using, and the version of the OS

6) Viewing "Location" on products

  • If you added the item's location when scanning in CamRAI, you will need to review the location in ResaleAI (because there is no location within Shopify)
  • In a browser like Chrome, go to and sign in with your username and password (Or you can use the beta version of ResaleAI on a POS)
  • Click on the new "Inventory" page (menu icon highlighted below)


  • Search for a SKI, or use the advanced search to find the item you are looking for
  • Review the Location column and locate the item
  • It may be a little slow to load currently, we're still working on this page! 


Shopify Troubleshooting:

1) Viewing products you've uploaded in Shopify

To check that items you upload are being sent to Shopify:

  • Sign in to your Shopify admin, and click "Products" in the menu
  • You should see the items you have uploaded with CamRAI under "All products"
  • You may need to click Sort and choose "Created newest first"

Screenshot_2020-04-03_at_1.19.41_PM.png      mceclip0.png


2) Products do not show up in your Shopify store (customer-facing)

If items show up on the "Products" page in Shopify, but you don't see those products in your store, see THIS ARTICLE that will provide more information.