What are collections and how do I get new ones?

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About collections

A collection is a grouping of products, like a page on your site. We’re creating many new collections, so you can have more specific subcategory pages. 

There are two kinds of collections - manual and automated.

Manual collections require you to individually select which products show up. If you don't add products to the right collection, they won't be easily shoppable on your site.

Automated collections use certain conditions. Any products added to Shopify that meet those conditions will go to the right collection automatically. Usually the conditions are the product's type or tags added to the products. You do need to remember to use the right type or tags, so items are sorted correctly.

Our collections are designed to work with CamRAI to reduce effort as you upload products. The collections all automated, and use product tags for the conditions. When you scan a product with CamRAI, it knows the type of product from DRS, and applies the right product tags to sort items into collections for you.


Getting started

We can create the new collections for you and they will be available to use in your Shopify admin. Please email support@resaleai.com with your store number, and we will generate them!

After we create the collections, they aren’t automatically shown on your site. You will need to update your site's menu so it uses the new options. You can also update links on your home page if desired.

You control how you choose to organize your menu, and which collections are highlighted on the home page. You will have lots of collections available, and could choose to only feature a few. See the training videos below for more information.


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