How to do product releases or drops

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Special product releases

Sometimes you may want to upload products with CamRAI, but not make them available immediately on your site.

You can now control whether an item is available as you upload. This allows you to upload many products in advance, then publish them in Shopify when you're ready.

We've seen some stores use this for special product drops, like items from a certain brand, and advertising their release at a specific day and time.


Follow the instructions below:


1) De-select "Available on Shopify" as you upload

  • After you scan a tag, scroll to the bottom of the page in CamRAI
  • Un-check the option for "Available on Shopify" before you click to send the item


2) Make items available in Shopify when you're ready

  • In Shopify, click the Products page and stay on "All Products"
  • Click the "Availability" filter and choose "Unavailable on Online Store" to review all items that aren't available 


  • Click the checkbox to select all items
  • NOTE: if there are more than 50 items, be sure to click "Select all 50+ products" to the right to make sure you are actually selecting all of them!


  • After you've selected all the items, click "More actions" then click "Make available"

  • Finally, confirm all items were updated. Click to filter by "Availability" again and choose "Unavailable on Online Store" to make sure no items show up as unavailable now
  • If anything still shows as unavailable, make sure you click "Select all 50+ items" if relevant, and select "Make available" again
  • After you've done this, you can let customers know they're live on the site!


3) Optional - Promote on your site!

We recently had success promoting a special product drop after doing an Instagram Live.

General steps:

  • Add an extra tag as you upload the specially featured items in CamRAI
  • Create a new collection - this would be an automated collection looking for the new extra tag
  • Add a section on your site's home page to highlight the new collection

Example scenario:

In our case, we were going Live on Instagram

  • Instructed our team to add the tag "Live" on all items as they uploaded them in advance

    • Type in a new tag, and hit enter to add. Do this before you hit "Save and Send" (If needed, you can go batch edit items to add a tag after they're already in Shopify - see this article)

    • Note - Tags must be exact, so be consistent with capitalization

  • Created a collection called "Instagram Live Drop"

    • Condition:  Product Tag = Live

    • Note - Since we showed off certain products during the live video, I intentionally left "Sold out" items visible. This gives a feeling of scarcity, and won't lead to questions about where to find a certain item we featured during the event.

    • If you'd prefer to hide sold out items, add condition:  Inventory quantity > 0

  • Added a new section on our home page 
    • Click "Add section" and choose "Featured collection" 

    • Choose to feature the new collection you just created. I changed the header to say "Instagram Live", and dragged that section to the top of our site

    • I did this in advance, but clicked the "eye" icon to hide that section. This way it's ready and waiting, and I can quickly make it visible it on the site when ready

    • Note - you may not see products show up in the preview of your "Featured collection". That's okay! It doesn't show images of "unavailable" products, but they will appear after you make the items available

    • I also use the "Slideshow" section at the top of my site. I added a new slide to call out the Instagram Live Drop with a link to shop that collection. You can't do this in advance, but I did it just after we made the products available 

(To learn how to update your site, see this video!)


Releasing items:

  • Right after our Live event, we made all the products available in Shopify, and made the featured collection visible on our site

  • We also posted to our story that all the items were available to shop, and the link in our bio highlights the Instagram Drop at the top of the page


After the release:

  • I left these changes up on our site for 24 hours

  • You can delete the new collection you created if desired. I kept the collection for Instagram Live, as we will use it again. But I removed the links on our site, so it wouldn't be visible to customers

  • On our home page, I hid the "Featured collection" at the top, so it will be ready to use again later. Just make it visible again any time (and optionally change the collection it displays). I deleted the new Slideshow slide, as you can't hide that.

  • You can also remove the extra tag on left over items, if you would like. I filtered products to view those tagged "Live", selected all, then removed the "Live" tag. That way the next time we go Live, we won't have older items mixed in.