Fixing Shopify connection errors

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If you hear from our team that there is an error with your Shopify integration, you'll need to redo the connection step in ResaleAI's settings.

Any items you have already uploaded with CamRAI will still be sent to Shopify after you redo the connection. They will not be lost.


Follow the steps below:

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Sign in with an owner or manager login

3. Click on the upper-right menu and click 'Settings'

4. On the main Settings page, scroll down and look for Shopify under "Integrations"


5. Click on the 'Shopify' logo, then click "Add a Shopify shop"

(Even though you have done this before, you will need to do it again. It will overwrite whatever was there previously)

6. You should see a pop-up open. Leave this open, and you'll come back to it later.


7. Open a new tab and sign in to your Shopify store 

8. In Shopify, click Apps in the left menu sidebar 

9. Scroll to the bottom and look for 'Manage Private Apps', click on that.

12. Click on the ResaleAI app to view its details

13. Scroll to the Admin API section, and copy the Example URL

14. Go back to where you signed in to ResaleAI originally. Look for the Setup pop-up box from earlier.

(If you've closed it, click on the Shopify logo in ResaleAI's settings, and click "Add a new Shopify shop" again)

15. Select your store in the dropdown box (item 9)

16. Paste the Example URL from Shopify (item 10)

17. Click Connect to save.

Make sure that you see the active Shopify connection on the ResaleAI settings screen, and you're done! 




Items that you have already uploaded using CamRAI will be sent to your Shopify shop now that it has been successfully connected.

It may take a little time before items process and appear in Shopify.

Wait a little while, then check under "Products" in your Shopify admin, and see if items you previously uploaded appear. You may need to click "Sort" and choose "Updated newest first"

If you continue to have trouble, please email and we can help!