About the ResaleAI + Shopify integration

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About the Shopify integration

If you are planning to get started with e-commerce on Shopify, our integration can help you more efficiently upload products and organize your site.

Below is an overview of the current features of our integration.


Quickly add products to Shopify with our tool CamRAI

  • If you create products in Shopify manually, you have to type in all the product details yourself, such as the title, product type, brand name, etc. This is very time-consuming to add hundreds of individual products.

  • We have a tool that allows you to scan the DRS tag and pull in all item details automatically!

  • The tool, called CamRAI, is compatible with all modern smartphones. It uses your phone's camera to scan the tag from DRS and populate the basic info. You can then quickly tap to add or take a picture, then send the item to Shopify.

  • This dramatically speeds up the process so you can add hundreds of items to your Shopify store per day.

  • If you are an OUAC store, there is also a checkbox for Boys or Girls, so you can capture that information and organize your site by gender!

Organize your site using our set of automated collections

  • Items on your Shopify site are grouped into pages called "Collections."

  • You can create your own collections for different categories of items (ex: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes), but it can be difficult to get all items in the right place. You either have to manually select which products go in each collection, or define a set of criteria for each, and make sure all items all have the right criteria.

  • We can load a set of collections for you to make this easier!

  • There are collections available for all major subcategories from DRS (available for Plato's Closet, Style Encore, and Once Upon a Child).

  • When you scan items with CamRAI, it adds tags on the item in Shopify. These tags send the products to the right collection. So as you scan, everything is sorted to the right place automatically!

  • Click here to learn more about collections

Make order fulfillment more efficient

  • You can make a note of a product's location as you add it with CamRAI (for example, a bin number or rack number). When the item sells, you can reference the location in ResaleAI to find the product more quickly

  • When items sell in-store in DRS, they will be made unavailable on Shopify so customers can't purchase items online that have already sold

  • We will be continuing to add more order fulfillment features very soon!


Ready to get started and connect your Shopify account? Click here for instructions!

You will need to set up a Shopify account before you connect ResaleAI.

You can set up your Shopify storefront yourself, by adding your logo to one of Shopify's theme templates. Or you may prefer to reach out to one of the Marketing vendors (such as J Miller or PureDriven) who are offering packages to set up the storefront for you.  


Already have a store set up with existing products and collections? That works too!

If your store is already set up, you can still connect Shopify and use CamRAI to quickly add new items going forward.

Something to note: CamRAI assigns a type and adds tags to items in Shopify automatically. But the types/tags added by CamRAI may not match up with the conditions on your existing collections.

You can either edit the tags on items before you send to Shopify (so they match your current collections), or you can switch to using our set of collections!

If you use our collections, items scanned with CamRAI always go to the right place automatically. We can load the collections for you, and can update all your current items to have the required tags too - that way all your exiting products show up in the new collections, as well as everything you add going forward with CamRAI.

We can do this automatically as long as you included the SKU in Shopify (in either the SKU or Barcode field).

See this article for more information, or reach out to our team for questions.