Bounceback barcodes not scanning

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Having trouble getting your Bounceback barcodes to scan? It is likely because you need to clean your thermal print-heads on your receipt printer.

Winmark Support Center's cleaning instructions are as follows:

To clean the print head, you’d lift the top and remove the paper. Wipe the print head on the bottom inside the printer. Be sure to also wipe underneath as well. Preferably, you’d use a thermal print head-cleaning pen. If not, please use a cotton swab with slightly-dabbed rubbing alcohol. 

(Bouncebacks are only supported on TM-T88 series printers - which are the printers supported by Winmark).


There are several TM-T88 versions, but here is a screenshot of the TM-T88V manual that shows a diagram of where the print-heads are located: