What is the Monthly RAI report?

A new addition has been added to the reports menu, called Monthly RAI Report. This report gives you a view into your monthly performance against comps from last year and goals that you set.

Instantly see how your store is doing for the month compared to last year and your goals. Comps (same day of the week last year) are gray, your goal is blue, and this year is green/red depending on if you beat last year. 

You can review any month in the past and future to help plan the sales strategy that you need to focus on each month to hit your goals. 

Comps: RAI is integrated with DRS, this allows us to pull in last years sales history to use as the comp to set your goals. The comp is day of the week, so that it's the most accurate. 


You have the ability to hover over each bar to see in detail how you performed on each day. 



You may haven noticed that there is no buy goal, which is done intentionally. The idea behind buys is to ensure that the employees are following the appropriate buy training process they passed to become a certified buyer. By creating a goal, this could easily turn the focus on quality vs quantity or vice versa. The overall goal is to buy great, used products to sell to our customers. 

The report also includes customer count, average transaction (ADS), average wait time and back back charts and data for each.