Before you begin: Settings required to check in buys

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Settings required before you begin:

There are a few other settings you will want to configure when you first get started. The settings aren't in the beta app yet, so you'll need to sign in on to adjust the settings in the older version of the program.

1) Sign to Sell configuration

  • Go to settings by visiting on a web browser, and click "Labs" in the settings sidebar
  • Click the small settings wheel next to "Sign to Sell"

  • Here, you can choose whether or not you will require an ID number every time a customer is checking in to sell*, and you can customize the buy policy that the customer signs

*Note: you can still scan driver's licenses without having this requirement turned on!

2) DRS initials

, you have to map the ResaleAI employee to the DRS employee one time.

If someone tries to check in and they do not have the DRS initials set up, it will cause an error!

  • Go to settings in the existing app, and click "Employees" in the settings sidebar
  • Check to see if all employees have their DRS initials set (on the DRS column)

  • If the DRS initials are missing, click to edit the employee
    • Select their name in the "DRS Initials" dropdown list, then save by clicking "Update Employee"
    • If their name is not in the list, make sure they have a DRS user account. If so, reach out to our team!

3) Prewritten text messages

  • Go to settings in the existing app, and click "Texting" on the sidebar
  • Here you can set up quick text messages to send to customers when their buy is complete
    • We recommend having at least one "Buy Complete" message and a "Reminder" message
    • For examples of prewritten texts, check out this article.


Once you've done these steps, you're ready to start checking in buys through ResaleAI!


See this article to learn more about checking in.


If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by Emailing